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 “Rob Collins has written a delightful book on the power of winning relationships. He gives great insight into issues such as conflict, marriage, parenting and relating to our Lord. Any reader would benefit and grow from picking up this book. Be sure to buy an extra copy and give it to someone you love.” – Stan Toler, Author and Speaker Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Your Relationships Matter is a powerful book full of nuggets of wisdom for the soul. Rob has brought the priority of God’s greatest commandments into a tangible “how to” when it comes to practical “real” relational issues. It’s an easy read that is down to earth and convicting.” – Tom Thompson, Founder of the Refuge Ministries Grove City, Ohio

Rob Collins has displayed his ability to create and maintain long-term relationships that have been mutually beneficial for everyone involved.  Now he has put a few of his beneficial insights into his latest book, “Your Relationships Matter.”  This is a must read for literally everyone – because all of us need to enjoy the benefits of deep relationships with others… and most of all, people need you in their lives!  Don’t be afraid!  Don’t hesitate!  Read this book now!” – Mark W. Pfeifer, Pastor Open Door Fellowship Chillicothe, Ohio

When God breathed His breath into man, He placed within him the unique need for interpersonal relationships. God said from the beginning, “it is not good that man should be alone”. This is the only time during creation that God did not say “it is good”. So God established community expressly for the human race so we may be in healthy relationships with the Creator and others as we work to further His Kingdom. Filled with practical examples and guidelines, Pastor Rob Collins has received divine wisdom that will help believers construct community God’s way; to experience the joy God intended from relationships. – Chuck Lawrence, Pastor Christ Temple Church Huntington, West Virginia

From the first sentence of the Prologue Rob had my attention…and he never lost it! We are all created for relationships so we might as well do them well. And Rob shows us how. Your Relationships Matter reminds us of the importance of knowing one’s self for the purpose of relating well to others – and then how to relate to others. Rob majors on majors and leads us down a path of relational discovery. So, grab a cup of coffee and settle in to reading a life-enhancing book. Or, better yet, read it together with your spouse, your fiancé or even your small group. Applying the teaching of this book may be the best thing you have ever done for your marriage, your ministry, your family, your friends and your career. – Dr. David C. Harris, Speaker, Leader, Coach Director of Thriving Churches International

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God uses relationships to shape us. You are a sum total of everything you have experienced, and it has taken place in large part, by those you have shared life with. Those whose paths you have crossed, not by probability, but for a purpose; they have touched your life in a way that might not have been obvious at the time, but it was certainly evidenced by everyone later. Maybe it was a spouse, a friend, a relative, a child, an acquaintance, a teacher, a coach, an employer, or employee?

Everyone matters. Every person is significant. That’s what relationships are all about! They are all about people, and every person has a purpose. Everyone you encounter is for a reason, and every experience has a point. The purpose of what your going through right now, is to prepare you for your future. All of your life’s experiences have made you who you are. They have enabled you to learn what needed to be learned, and what you are going through right now, is designed to develop you, not destroy you.

Relationships are designed to develop our destinies. As a result, you are constantly evolving into the person you need to become. God uses experiences, people, circumstances, and situations to form us for our purpose. All that you have encountered was divinely designed, to develop you. Everything you have experienced up to this point has equipped you for what you are going through right now, and everything you are going through right now, will equip you for what is next! That’s why, Your Relationships Matter!


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