Rob Collins is a husband, dad, author, and friend. He is passionate about people and believes in hope for every person through Jesus Christ. It is his desire that through this website you will explore the wide range of inspirational resources: blogs, podcasts, pdf teachings, essential topics, one of Rob’s books, or an audio or video message. It is Rob’s desire to “Equip People to Be Empowered.” He does this by helping you: Reignite your PASSION, Rediscover your PURPOSE, Realign your PERSPECTIVE, and Restore your PERSEVERANCE to believe for more. Thanks for taking to the time to check out his website… and may you be “Equipped to be Empowered!”

Rob has a deep love for his family. He resides in Ohio with his wife Kelly, his two daughters Megan Brooke and Madison Grace, and their dog, Toby Mac.