Rob Collins is a husband, dad, author and friend. He is passionate about people and believes in hope for every person through Jesus Christ. He communicates a message of hope and sincerity while being honest and real in his approach to ministry. It’s Rob’s desire to equip people to be empowered with passion, purpose and perseverance.

Rob believes we serve a real God who wants to touch people who have real needs. His messages are relevant, current and timeless in application. They will inspire you to believe for more and challenge you to reach your full potential in Christ. His words of passion are from the heart and they will speak to you wherever you are in your journey of life and faith.

Rob has a love and passion for God, His Word and people. He believes that the answer to all life’s questions and the solution to any problem can be found in God’s word. It is his desire that through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ you will find hope and peace. Rob also believes the Word is the foundation of faith in which you can find your compass for direction and your purpose for life.

Rob has been ministering for over 37 years. Through the years he has spoken at churches, conferences, colleges and on radio and television. He travels and speaks at various venues for a variety of occasions. Rob has written articles in several publications and he is also the author of: “ROB-ISM’s”, “When They Close the Lid”, “Your Relationships Matter”, “Your Relationships Matter-Workbook”, “Essentials” and “I Was Afraid of That!”

Rob has a deep love for his family. He resides in Ohio with his wife Kelly, his two daughters Megan Brooke and Madison Grace and their dog, Toby Mac.