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“Robism’s” was Rob Collins’ first ever published book. Since then he has gone on to write When They Close the Lid, Your Relationships Matter, Your Relationships Matter Workbook, Next Steps, I Was Afraid of That! and Essentials. And now, in his eighth published book, “Robism’s |2|”, Rob writes part two of “Robism’s” and introduces, once again, the ism’s, catch phrases and inspirational thoughts that he has used throughout the years to impact the lives of many.

Rob has always had a love and appreciation for words and their original meaning, context and application. He also loves those “catch phrases” that make you think in a way that forms the truth and crafts the revelation, making the thought become an a-hah moment. This becomes the moment when the light comes on and you are inspired to be better and to become more.

This book is packed with thoughts that emphasize ideas that are meaningful and that will activate your thought process in a practical, inspiring, and lasting manner. Rob Collins has been in full-time vocational ministry for over thirty-eight years and he has published seven titles. In his first book, “Robism’s”, Rob captured some of his ism’s, catch phrases and inspirational thoughts. However, in this inspirational devotional, “Robism’s |2|”, there will be an ism in the form of a meme to help maximize the thought.

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