Your Relationships Matter Workbook


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In the book: Your Relationships Matter Rob teaches us how God uses relationships to shape us. He explains how everyone matters, every person is significant and that’s what relationships are all about! They are all about people, and every person has a purpose.

Relationships are designed to develop our destinies. God uses experiences, people, circumstances, and situations to form us for our purpose. All that you have encountered was divinely designed, to develop you. Everything you have experienced up to this point has equipped you for what you are going through right now, and everything you are going through right now, will equip you for what is next! That’s why, Your Relationships Matter!

Now, in this companion workbook Rob designed it with this in mind. There are synospis thoughts that begin each chapter, fill-in the blank questions to answer, questions to ponder, scripture to read and pages to take more notes that come to mind as you reflect upon becoming a better person and developing new and improved relationships that matter!


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