When They Close the Lid


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“When They Close the Lid” reminds us of those things we don’t like to talk about; things like the fragility of life, death and eternity. It reminds us life is a gift therefore we must make the most of each day that has been entrusted to us. Life is fleeting, resembling a vapor that appears briefly in the world only to vanish just as quickly.

Pastor and author Rob Collins has experienced this “human minded” transition from earth to heaven first hand while dealing with life’s uncertainties during his twenty years of pastoral ministry. These encounters have helped him see how people spend their years in the short amount of time presented as a gift from God.

In his first published book, “When They Close the Lid”, Rob reflects on this existence people know as life: the seasons, storms of life, transitions of time, and the hope of heaven is used to help fuel one’s purpose in life.

Rob cites countless examples, both biblical and mainstream, that demonstrate the ideals of the brevity of life as well as the importance of creating “now moments” with loved ones.

“Don’t miss any of these moments by looking ahead in worry or by looking behind in regret. Remember, if you let yesterday consume too much of today it can rob you of the joy of the now moment while draining the life right out of tomorrow at the same time. Be where you are, not where you wish you were or think you should be. Make the most of the moments that you have been given and live life like it matters because it does!”

This book also journeys into discussions about the uniqueness of our “human bodies’ along with questions people may have about their eternal home known as heaven.

The hope of God, as well as Rob, is for others to embrace the ”now moments” that emerge that, once seized, create lasting memories for all involved. It is those moments that make a life well lived before their time comes on that day “When They Close the Lid.”

Snippet From When They Close the Lid:

Through many occasions the lesson has been so clear. And that clear lesson that has been learned is this; life at its longest is short. No one is promised tomorrow so all we have is today. Death does not distinguish between people, and the lid on the box and dirt of the ground are the great equalizers of every person, regardless of age, race, culture or social status. I have been reminded time and time again that life is a gift from God and therefore should be lived according to His plan and purpose. This book is not a collection of stories about people or the services I have held but rather is about making the most of the moments we have been given before we experience that moment; “When They Close the Lid.”



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