Peace Principles

How Do You Strive to Make

Peace With Others and Live at Peace With Yourself? 

“Now may the God of perseverance and encouragement grant you to live in harmony with one another in accordance with Christ Jesus.” Romans‬ ‭15:5‬

How Do You Strive to Make

Peace? You find a way by figuring out what it takes to make it work!

  • Learn to celebrate instead of always being critical— *(a critical spirit is debilitating, but an encouraging word can be liberating). 
  • Learn to speak the right language at the appropriate time— *(Words matter and timing and tone matters).
  • Don’t complain about what you allow and don’t tolerate what you could confront— *(Deal with what needs dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner).
  • Don’t excuse what should be expressed— *(Say it, if it needs said, but say it in love!).
  • Destroy assumptions, perceptions and feelings by having those tough conversations— *(Crucial conversations are crucial in regard to conflict resolution).
  • Learn to concede and to compromise— *(What’s best may not be what I think, feel or want).
  • Learn to give and take, and to LET IT GO— *(If it’s always about you, you will never have peace).
  • It’s not about winning; it’s about working it out— *( If you have to win every argument and conquer every battle, you will never have true peace).
  • Don’t keep things stirred up that need to die down— *(Don’t make what is not a big deal a big deal and quit talking about it!).
  • Don’t walk away from what you you were meant to walk through— *(You won’t have peace if you are living in regret— face what needs faced).
  • Seek first to understand- before being understood— *(Chinese proverb, but good advice).
  • Deal with what needs to be dealt with and let go of what you can’t change— *(Again, let it go and remember, don’t let what you can’t control or change to affect you in a negative way).

***Peace is an atmosphere that is produced by proper patterns that embody a Spirit-Led and Christ-Centered life.

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