For the entire month of March I am going to be sharing the motivating thoughts of my youngest daughter, Madison Grace. She has started a page on Instagram @motivate_with madi2. So, if you are on Instagram, check her out! I know that these will bless you, challenge you and encourage you! Here’s week 3:

Don’t get in your head and let your inner thoughts tell you who you are or what you can do, let Jesus be your inner voice! When David faced Goliath, he could have listened to king Saul, his brothers or the people around him, but, he wouldn’t have completed one of the greatest moments in history. Instead he listened to the inner voice, Jesus!!Could you imagine if you were just one battle away from your destiny and instead of listening to who God says you are, you listen to the people around you or the inner voice in your head? As humans, we can only see in the physical realm, but God sees everything and He sees what we are capable of and because he created us, He knows what’s best. So don’t allow your doubts and fears that are in your head or the voice of others that are around determine what you do. Trust the inner voice of the Holy Spirit and walk in the reality of who you are in Christ. You are more than enough and you are more than a conqueror.

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