Choice- everything begins and ends with a choice. Adam and Eve the beginning of all creation and humanity had a choice. Do you ever wish you had a chance to redo a choice knowing what you know now? Me too! Do you think Adam and Eve wish the could have a do over? Everything thing that has happened in my life comes down to a choice! Either a choice that I have made or a choice that someone else has made. So what do you do? You can’t go back and change what has been done— you can’t make right every wrong, only God can do that! The only thing you have the power over is right now and what happens from here on out. So what do you do? You pray for the grace and wisdom to steward the choices you have been given, with courage and wisdom. And, you trust God to some how work it all for your good! I always think about Joseph when it comes to God working all things for my good. Joseph had a choice. He could have pouted in the pit, pleaded his case at Potiphar’s house and protested at the prison. Instead he was able to promise provision to the people that had caused him problems all while living in the promise and provision of the palace! It was his posture and his choice that dictated the outcome for him and for everyone else. You have a choice— you can get bitter or you can better. And you have a choice— you can take matters into your own hands or— you can trust God!