A Promised Prophecy

Jesus rode through the praises of people; on His way to the pain of the cross. Every promise from God must go through a process, before it is fulfilled.

The Potential of a Promised Prophecy

Luke 19:29-40 (Zech. 9:9 / Matt. 21)

Every prophecy has its promise and every promise has its potential…

A prophecy has to be given, received, confirmed and fulfilled.

400 years had come and gone since God had spoken through His prophets then Jesus was born through a virgin named Mary and approximately 33 1/2 years after that Jesus the promised king rode on the donkey colt… Just as the prophet Zechariah had prophesied! A horse was a sign of war, a donkey was a sign of work or peace. The finished work of Christ is what produces peace in the life of those who believe.

1. The time will come- when the time has come. 

*Jesus said, “Tell him the time has come, I need the donkey.”

⁃ There is a time and purpose for everything.

⁃ Jesus said my time has not come over and over again.

⁃ He said the time has come when I need the colt.

⁃ In the garden He said it is I you seek, I am He.

If it hasn’t happened yet- maybe you’re not ready yet? (Or they are not ready?)

If it hasn’t happened yet- maybe you haven’t fully surrendered or been obedient yet? (Or they haven’t?)

If it hasn’t happened yet- maybe you haven’t had the courage to act upon what you know you need to act upon? (or they haven’t?) *[faith & courage]

If it hasn’t happened yet- maybe it’s not supposed to have happened yet?

It will happen when it is supposed to happen if everyone is in tune with God and will be obedient- and respond in faith and stand with courage.

2. The provision to fulfill the promise is always, already there.

⁃ the donkey was already there and tied to a hitching post.

⁃ The colt fulfilled the purpose of the promised prophecy.

⁃ The wood for Noah to build the ark with, the Red Sea for Pharaoh’s army to drown in, the tree for Zacchaeus to climb up in (Jesus needed to go to Zacchaeus house so there was a tree), the colt for Jesus to ride on the, the tree for Him to be nailed to, the tomb for Him to be buried in…

⁃ The provision will always be there to fulfill the promises prophecy.

⁃ All of Gods promises are yes and amen in Christ Jesus so the provision is already there to fulfill the promises God has for you and they are, so be it! 

3. Just like the donkey sometimes things have to be untied and loosed so they can be used for their intended purpose.

*At least 5 times the word tied or untie is mentioned in Luke 19 concerning the donkey…

The donkey’s promised potential wasn’t to stay tied up to a hitching post or plow the man’s field. It was to carry the Messiah! What are you tied to that may be keeping you from your full potential in Christ?

⁃ Addictions 

⁃ Bondages

⁃ Fears

⁃ Unworthiness 

⁃ Familiarity 

⁃ Security

⁃ Lack

⁃ Limitation

⁃ Mindsets *(an elephant can start out being bound to a rope it can’t break, but by the time it is full grown- it now can break the rope but doesn’t realize it).

*we are like grasshoppers in our sight…  (they saw themselves as grasshoppers)

*perceptions are what we perceive, not reality. 

⁃ You are more than a conqueror.

⁃ You are the victor, not the victim.

⁃ You are an overcomer because He has overcame.

– All of God’s promises are yes and amen in Christ Jesus!

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